We welcome applications for individual or family membership at any time of the year.

If you are interested in joining Orange Country Town Pool, please contact Shea Jones at (540) 308-8371 with questions or click here to request more information. Membership applications can be found here.

Membership costs include the purchase of stock, annual dues, and the initiation fee. The following is the 2019 fee schedule:

Stock and Initiation Fees:

  • $200.00 – Stock Purchase (may be made in two payments over two seasons)
  • $100.00 – Initiation fee (may be made in two payments during the first membership season)*

* Currently, the initiation fee for new members is waived through May 2019.

Membership Categories and Fees:

  • $280.00 – Single Membership: This membership is designed for single persons, married couples/domestic partners where only one person uses the membership; or married couples/domestic partners with a child age 4 and under (as of May 1 of the calendar year) where only one adult comes to the pool.
  • $380.00 – Single Plus One Membership: This membership is geared toward a single head-of-household with ONLY 1 child age 5 and over or married couples/domestic partners without children.
  • $480.00 – Family Membership: This membership is geared toward single parent/head-of-household/married couples/domestic partners with MORE than one child.
  • $180.00 – Add-on Member: This is an add-on to an existing or new membership and is designed to include a family member who is not living in the home or a or non-family member living in the home (examples include exchange student, long-term visiting relative, etc.)
  • $80.00 – Babysitter pass: This is an add-on to a new or existing membership that enables up to two caregivers/babysitters to come to the pool with the members children in place of the member.  Only one caregiver/babysitter may be present at the pool in lieu of the parent, and caregivers’ names must be on file with the pool manager. The caregiver/babysitter must accompany the stockholder’s child/children.

Each stockholder in good standing has a total of five (5) free guest passes for each pool year. Upon reaching the 5 guest limit a $7 (five dollar) fee will be imposed per guest. There are no guest fees for children age 4 and under. The stockholder is responsible for the behavior of their guests while at the pool, including swimmers and non-swimmers.

In addition to the free guest passes, each stockholder membership includes One (1) special “Event Pass” per pool year. The event may include up to Twenty-five (25) non-members and must be supervised by a member. The picnic shelter or gazebo must be used and must be scheduled in advance with pool management. Pass issuance is at the management’s discretion.


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